'Machines are going to take over the world', screamed a recent newspaper headline. The point of reference was robots powered by artificial intelligence. The article hysterically claimed that machines will take over our jobs as a start and then eventually gain control over every aspect of our existence. Many Hollywood movies and books have created elaborate... Continue Reading →

The Driver

Mr Tripathi was one of the most dignified drivers that we have had the pleasure of employing. He was an integral part of the household, playing a significant role in making our lives comfortable. From the daily running around to just having a nice presence, he was a positive influence in my life while growing... Continue Reading →

Really, really, really short stories

How short can stories get? How about stories in three sentences? The interesting aspect of a three sentence story is that you can complete the story, fire up the imagination and yet leave it open for interpretation. Here is a sampler: Till Death Do Us Apart He loved her She did too Read the tombstones... Continue Reading →

The Headline Theatrics

The media in India loves to whip up a hysteria. They scream and they shout and they let it all out. It often leaves me wondering is it really as bad as it sounds? Here is a summary of the current rant: 1. The cinema of the Khans are tolerated but they accuse India of being intolerant!... Continue Reading →

Holy cow! What a controversy…

The Indian political muscle is flexing and beefing up around the concept of beef consumption. The Hindus consider the cow holy. The Muslims and Christians consider it food. Instead of accepting the ideological differences, arms are being twisted. The rhetoric is rising. Tempers are flaring. All that the poor cow has to say is that who... Continue Reading →

It’s not fair

A popular South Indian star is taken to court since he featured in a TV ad for a fairness soap. Apparently the claimant used the soap for a year and nothing changed for him. He claims that the fairness soap does not work and the star is misleading the public. The star claims that he... Continue Reading →

The crab mentality- its a state of mind!

The crab mentality has gripped the world by the pincers. The papers are filled with politicians, sportsmen, authors, business executives, actors and even singers trying to bring each other down. I visited Mahesh Lunch Home in Mumbai sometime back and witnessed the origins of this strangely named syndrome. In the waiting area they had a... Continue Reading →

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