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Ready to re-tyre?


When things fall apart some other things fall in together! I realised this the other day when I had to get my wife’s car tyres replaced. I was upset since the tyres had been replaced not too long back and due to some imbalance in the car’s weight, had to be written off. The truth is that when you buy big expensive SUV’s, you have to buy big expensive tyres! It has never been easy for me to spend money but spending money on car tyres was somehow particularly irritating, especially when my ‘old’ tyres looked new to me! I just could not get myself to throw them as I found my yard suddenly busy with four huge tyres!

Over the years we have become slaves of technology. In true 21st century style I passed my problem on to google. I asked Siri! Suddenly a whole new world opened up. Old tyres are images.jpgbeing used today in such diverse ways! From coral reefs to dog beds, used tyres are finding a useful place in our lives. In Africa, tyres are being used for making attractive footwear as well. I chose to make mine into flower beds. With the help of my talented mother-in-law we painted the tyres in bright colours and suddenly my garden had an attractive new resident.

I was narrating this story toimgres.jpg a friend of mine who had recently lost his job. I alluded to the wheels of life needing a fresh set of tyres from time to time. “It’s good for everyone”, I said. The tire analogy suddenly evolved into an exciting conversation about his future full of interesting alternatives. It’s amazing how sometimes unrelated things just make so much of sense!

All I can say is that the next time my tyres need a change, I will be more ready than I ever was. The exciting circle of life always spins! The fact is that if you are willing to turn, you re-tyre and enter into a whole new world of possibilities!

Really, really, really short stories

How short can stories get?
How about stories in three sentences?
The interesting aspect of a three sentence story is that you can complete the story, fire up the imagination and yet leave it open for interpretation.

Here is a sampler:

Till Death Do Us Apart
He loved her
She did too
Read the tombstones

Time Flies!
The beds were always unkempt
The floors were never clean
“Why do they grow up so fast? I wondered as I looked at the perfectly made beds!

Should I snooze in the library?
Or, should I snooze watching television?
It’s not easy being a dog after all

Highway Star

The speedometer passed the magical 150mph
The wind in his hair was exhilarating
That’s the last he ever remembered

What a Wonderful World!
The cheese on the pasta looked delicious
The ring in her hand shone resplendent
Suddenly even the water tasted wonderful
The Barber’s Muse
My hair was naturally curly and I made it straight
It was jet black in colour before I dyed it golden
Here I was looking at a thrilled customer whose beautiful straight golden hair I had just made black and curly
For Whom Shall I Shine?
Everyone seems to be in a hurry nowadays
People are so caught up in the daily rhythm of living
“Don’t think anyone saw me again today, but I did put up quite a show”, reflected the rainbow
#Living Social
I snap chatted away
Took lots of pictures for Instagram
I was hanging out with my friends today, but was I?
I have lots of Facebook followers
My Instagram is always hyper active
But why do I still feel so lonely?
Message in a Bottle
Whisky matures with age
With age comes wisdom
Here I am, nursing a hangover, looking for wisdom

This story format is inspired from Haiku, the ancient Japanese format of poetry expressed in three sentences.