Where are you, Mr. Pandey?

Weddings in North India are moments of great celebration. Families and friends from far and wide join the bride and groom over many days of fun filled merriment. Food is an integral part of this experience. For the Mathurs (a North Indian Hindu community), food defines the purpose of a wedding! We live to eat,... Continue Reading →

The joys of gelato

I had the pleasure of having the most outstanding gelato recently in Milan. The smooth and creamy rich dark chocolate was sublime. The cone in which it was served was a perfect accompaniment and I was in heaven! I even had an ice cream burger- two scoops of delicious ice cream in a freshly baked... Continue Reading →

A champagne moment

"This calls for a champagne", an exclamation that is frequently expressed to celebrate the highs of life. A lot of my memorable moments in life have been savoured over a glass or two (sometimes more!) of champagne. In our recent Tanzania trip we concluded a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti and enjoyed the... Continue Reading →

The Empire strikes back!

A sharp ray of sunlight bouncing off the floor caught my sudden attention. The floor as I looked closer was unlike any that I had seen before. The multi hued mosaic was almost reaching out to me to whisper a story. I could not hold back and exclaimed to the commanding officer of the army... Continue Reading →

A mug of coffee..

An excellent cup of coffee this morning brought my attention to the mug in which it was served. There was nothing special about the mug actually. It's just like another everyday object that serves a purpose quietly in our lives without making a fuss. As I started reading about it I found that mugs were... Continue Reading →

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