A One Hour Vacation

It was one of those days. My car was at the workshop getting repaired after an unnecessary crash. It was meant to be delivered in the morning but much to my irritation got delivered in the evening. An obliging colleague had to drop me off at the service station since Uber would have just not been able to make it on time before the workshop closed. Anyway, I picked up my car and headed off to an event that was meant to start at 6.30pm. I normally avoid evening events and prefer to spend time with the family but today was an exception. Typically one encounters heavy office traffic but this evening was unusually smooth and I reached the hotel at 6 pm. I spent the next 30 minutes in the beautiful hotel lobby sipping an indifferent cup of coffee and catching up on my emails. Much to my irritation my iPhone battery soon got drained out. At 6.30pm I reached the event centre only to learn that the event was starting at 7.30pm and my assistant had recorded the timing incorrectly in my calendar. I guess this was just not my day!
I left the event centre in a huff with the intention of going home! As I was walking towards the lobby, I noticed the beautiful beach by which the hotel was built. I found myself mesmerised by the sight of the beautiful blue waters with the setting sun in the backdrop. The sight was a feast to the eyes. At that moment a jetty caught my eye and I decided to walk up to it. The jetty was about 100m into the sea. As I walked on it, I went by hundreds of colourful fish and noticed the beautiful patterns in the sand that the sea drew with the ebb and flow of the tide. The sun had begun to set on the horizon and the colours of the sky continued to host a show extraordinaire. I noticed the world rush by with its sense of purpose and urgency as I sat on the jetty admiring the spectacle.
Time came to a standstill and an hour past in the blink of an eye. A sense of extreme peace filled my being as my one hour vacation concluded. I went back to the event invigorated. I had lived a moment that came by in the most unexpected way. Thank god it did!

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