Sometimes being stuck in a jam can be a moment of bliss!

It was a busy Dubai evening. The traffic was unusually heavy and I found myself stuck at a red light. The lines were long. In frustration I looked ahead and it dawned on me that I needed to brace myself for a long wait. The traffic in the city is getting worse by the day and it’s such a drain on our quality of life. My mind was meandering through the health consequences of traffic as I started exploring the songs on my playlist to get over the drudgery of the wait. Suddenly I got the feeling that I was being watched.
As I looked askance I saw a doe eyed little girl with fuzzy hair glancing through her window looking at me. She would have not been more than four years old. She was wearing a denim top and sat in the back seat of her moms car hugging a teddy. As our eyes met, I smiled.
And then she smiled back, a beautiful smile. The best that I have seen in a while. A smile that filled me  with immense joy. I found myself waving at her enthusiastically as she waved back. She blew a flying kiss and I was in heaven.
Then the lights turned green. Much to my dismay. The traffic started to move. Alas! I wish the jam had lasted longer!

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