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An open letter from a citizen who cares

All over the world public anger finds expression in arson, rioting for causes that range from the profound to the profane: ” I can’t get a job but I can burn a bus. Or, I am pissed with my boss so let me scratch the seat of the taxi. Even better, I am bored, let me scribble as I dribble in the loo!!”

I have some simple DIY suggestions for those who choose to take this path.


Dear Rebels,
Hope this letter finds you well. Hope you enjoyed your latest act of destruction. Hope you felt better as the environment around you burnt. Hope you and your friends still revel in the thrill of just getting away as the cops arrived. Hope the memories you left on the walls of the public loo remind you of those glory days. Must have been fun. Yay!
If you don’t mind, I have a few suggestions for you and your friends.
1. If you really want to beat someone up who has nothing to do with the problem that is bothering you, then why not look into the mirror. A few well placed slaps will do the job and your frustrations will truly hurt, which is what you wanted in the first place.That black eye on you has the power to change perspectives!
2. I can understand that sometimes you get so pissed that you want to burn things up. Why don’t you start looking at your own stuff and setting them to light? The car that you really saved up to buy will really hurt as it burns. But what the hell!  Atleast  the world will know about the cause that’s upsetting you.
3. When that moment comes to scribble and scratch, make your home the canvass of your expressions. Go for it Michelangelo! The world is yours to conquer and scream👍
You need to set new standards in the public display of aggression. I need to close this letter since I am not sure if you would be able to remember any other points that I may try to make.
So keep calm. When you get pissed off about any random cause, now you know what to do.
A concerned citizen who respects public property
Please share this letter and make it reach out to the ones who express their limitations by hurting others and causing pain to the innocents.


So, what’s your potential?

A lot has been written about the unlimited potential of ONE. However many remain unconvinced. The ones who do, change the world.

Here’s a lesson that I learnt recently from a tomato. Let me say this again, a recipe that I learnt from a beautiful tomato I recently met on my dining table.

I cut the tomato up into slices.
I planted the slices in my garden.
A week later I had a several hundred tomato plants springing up to unleash their infinite potential.

Every tomato has the power to create a whole new world of opportunities.

So do all of us..

What’s your potential? Think!