The Headline Theatrics

The media in India loves to whip up a hysteria. They scream and they shout and they let it all out. It often leaves me wondering is it really as bad as it sounds? Here is a summary of the current rant:

1. The cinema of the Khans are tolerated but they accuse India of being intolerant!
2. It’s odd that the Delhi suffers from pollution, while the politicians are busy getting even!
3. Chennai, submerged in poor governance for long,
Gets flooded and wrecked while the posters of the beloved Amma just look along.
4. Mr Kejriwal calls the PM a coward, a psychopath and a bully
But does not have the courage to accept the corruption in his own gully.
5. Our system of governance stops the GST bill
Sets free the juvenile rapist to live as he will.
India’s problems seem to be coming to a boil,
Rather small, when I see Trump, Syria, ISIS and Oil.
So as I see the headlines I wonder.
Why fret?
We live in times where even Santa comes with a clause!

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