Five Ideas for 2016

How time flies! Another year goes by. Here are five thoughts worth sharing as we embark on our year ahead.

1. Edible packaging

Plastics bags are now found even in the remotest parts of the world. Even Mount Everest has a plastic waste problem. Our ancestors left behind monuments, literature, art, language and culture while our ever lasting legacy might just  be the plastic bag! Mother Nature packs all its goodies in natural packaging materials that serve a larger purpose even beyond pure function. Not sure why we are not paying attention to this area. For inspiration peel a banana..
2. Finding a cure for the common cold

We have sent a man to the moon. Our prowess in technology has made even Moore’s law redundant. The first facial transplant has happened and the brain transplant is the next big frontier. However we all still continue to sneeze and cough! Running noses deserve some capital and human ingenuity.

3. Weapons of mass destruction create a new hope

According to a recent news article, several junked armoured carriers of Dubai Police have become the base of a beautiful coral reef being built off the Dubai coastline.  The fish are loving it and a whole new eco-system has started developing where none existed. With some imagination, weapons of destruction can become  creators of hope.

4. Investing more in the good economy

The world spends an estimated USD 1.2 trillion every year on defence. Despite this, in 2015 almost every day the world has witnessed an act of terror. This is a bitter reality of our times. Clearly the answer to finding a solution to terrorism lies somewhere else. Do I have an answer? No. But investments in education, environment, poverty alleviation and healthcare will certainly increase our chances of surviving as a human race.

5. Looking at our past to inspire a better future

With social media, our communication and relationship world has changed. WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn are demonstrating to us what our parents always told us – develop a strong social net worth!

Another interesting example is the radically innovative world of biometrics and identity recognition. Biometrics is clearly emerging as the future of access. As we all got ‘educated’, our signatures and passwords became our key to the world and now ironically, the ‘future’ belongs once again to our thumb print! Perhaps our next big idea is waiting to be discovered in our history books!

Wish you all a happy and successful 2016. May the world become a safer, healthier and happier place to live. This is one wish I sincerely hope comes true!

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