A day in the life of a country

In a recent scoop an intern leaked out the minutes of the strategy meet of a leading political party.

Pappu: Mommy, I want an award!
Mother: Why baby? How? Your life is an award..
Pappu (with a sharp glint in his eye): So that I can return it!!! Haha! I will return it on moral grounds. Along with me I will get all our relatives and friends to return theirs as well. Suddenly a new moral narrative will emerge.
(All senior party leaders break into a gleeful applause. After all, strategy meetings are a great way for family members to connect.)
Uncle 1: Madam this is a genius of an idea!
Aunt 3: I have so many awards madam over the years that I don’t mind returning a few. In any case I will get them back again once we come into power. My jail term is round the corner too.
Friend 7: I think that, Madam, time has come to make your son the president of the party.
All eyes turn to Pappu who is not to be seen. He has dashed off in the meantime to take a quick lollipop break. He could not hold back the excitement of being called a genius by his uncle!
The intern wraps up the minutes and scribbles: “India is a tolerant nation”. Tomorrow is another day…
PS: This is a pure work of fiction and is dedicated to those who vote in their own interest rather than the nation’s!

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