Monthly Archives: November 2015

A tip of gratefulness 

Sometimes in life the most unexpected moments make your day truly special. I was at a hotel yesterday for a meeting and I had given my car for valet parking. I was admiring the beautiful rainy day from the porch and as my eyes scanned the beautiful landscaping, my car arrived.
An earnest young man came out of my car and held the door for me smartly as I reached out to my wallet to tip him. I realised that I did not have change and asked him if he had change for a big note.
He asked around and came back with down cast eyes and gave my note back and said: “No problem sir. I look forward to seeing you again at my hotel. Have a lovely day.”
There was a curious mix of sincerity and sadness in his eyes. I drove on a few meters and stopped. I looked at the note and realised that it had to be handed over to its rightful owner.
I called him back and gave him the note and said that I will certainly come back to his hotel again and wished him a lovely day. He was quite stunned to even react.
I drove on and as I looked at the rear view mirror I saw him jumping and whooping with joy. As he gazed at me with gratefulness I waved back equally grateful for the happiness that this moment had given me.
It’s incredible how much joy one can gain with so little! A moment to treasure!

Flower Power- Lessons for life!

People live their lives waiting for miracles to happen. What we often miss are the everyday miracles around us. We had a beautiful rainy day today in Dubai and I noticed the beautiful flowers enjoying the crisp winter air. As I was sipping my morning cup of coffee I reflected on the flowers in my garden and here is a bouquet of inspirations and lessons to reflect:

1. Life is short. Keep it blooming while it lasts!
2. Be useful- You always serve a purpose. Besides playing an integral part in the food chain flowers adorn our lives with inspiration, vibrancy and colour. What your story?
3. Every flower leaves behind a seed for the next generation to live. What will be your legacy?
4. There will always be a space for you to thrive. Even the busiest of bushes find a place for their flowers to bloom. There will always be a way, find yours…
5. No matter how beautiful or resplendent you are, you will wilt one day. Be humble!
6. With the right attitude, any crap (manure) can be miraculously transformed into an object of beauty. Just like flowers we have that ability to create wonderful opportunities out of every adverse situation. In fact the more manure you add to the plants the better they flower. Enjoy the challenges!
7. Diversity is the key. The hallmark of any beautiful garden is the diversity of flora. Our teams at work are no different. The more diverse we are, the more interesting can be the outcomes! We need to develop the ability to nurture this diversity.
8. Behind every beautiful flower is a successful team. Every flower is a product of a seed that grew roots, stems and leaves to support an abundant bloom. So if you think you are a flower then be grateful to the people around you who have made you one! Always be grateful.
The lessons can be endless! Flowers are a metaphorical expression of how we can lead our lives. Keep blooming, become the miracle that you can be!

A day in the life of a country

In a recent scoop an intern leaked out the minutes of the strategy meet of a leading political party.

Pappu: Mommy, I want an award!
Mother: Why baby? How? Your life is an award..
Pappu (with a sharp glint in his eye): So that I can return it!!! Haha! I will return it on moral grounds. Along with me I will get all our relatives and friends to return theirs as well. Suddenly a new moral narrative will emerge.
(All senior party leaders break into a gleeful applause. After all, strategy meetings are a great way for family members to connect.)
Uncle 1: Madam this is a genius of an idea!
Aunt 3: I have so many awards madam over the years that I don’t mind returning a few. In any case I will get them back again once we come into power. My jail term is round the corner too.
Friend 7: I think that, Madam, time has come to make your son the president of the party.
All eyes turn to Pappu who is not to be seen. He has dashed off in the meantime to take a quick lollipop break. He could not hold back the excitement of being called a genius by his uncle!
The intern wraps up the minutes and scribbles: “India is a tolerant nation”. Tomorrow is another day…
PS: This is a pure work of fiction and is dedicated to those who vote in their own interest rather than the nation’s!