Just Another Day in this Digital Age..

“Have you read the book I left the other day on your bedside table?”, I asked my 75 year old father as we were having our dinner.
“Which book?”, asked my father.
The one I left on your bedside table, I said!
“Is it on the kindle?”, he asked.
“Not that I know! But why do you ask?”
“Well! I don’t read paper backs any more. E-books are so much more convenient. I can set the font size, they are lighter to carry and I can also adjust the brightness of the screen to my taste”, said he.
Silence followed as I toyed with my dinner.
“My knees have been paining a bit of late”, he added. “But don’t worry I have ordered a knee brace online”.
I walked out of the room feeling an acute sense of generation gap as I placed the paper back in the library of my home that I have built over the years. “The times they are a changing”, I hummed as I glanced back at my dad who had his wireless headphones on…

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