Worried about your job? Your lock holds the key!

I was reading an article the other day about how trade unions across the world have been fighting against technology and modernisation since their jobs would be at stake. The fact is that this has always been the case. Automation of a process leads to job losses but also at the same time creates new opportunities. As an example let’s look at the parallel world of locks and keys.

Until 4000 years ago, the basic need of humans beings to stay safe and secure their possessions was filled by security guards. However not everyone could afford them. Hence locks were invented by the Egyptians/ Assyrians that provided an additional layer of security to their prized possessions. Over time with the evaluation of metallurgy, locksmiths evolved lock-making into a fine art and their artistry found patronage amongst the high society/ aristocracy. A new form of social order started getting demonstrated where the more keys one had, the higher was ones position in the society. Did the number of humans linked with the security business decrease? Certainly not! Were new jobs created? Yes! It started with locksmiths and now billions of locks are manufactured every year by factories across the world. Will lock production be impacted with electronic systems that are interconnected and online. Definitely! Will a new order get created? For sure! The fact remains that human insecurities have been constant since time immemorial and the manifestations have evolved as a natural consequence of the evolutionary process.

Sometimes we lock ourselves into a situation of conflict taking up positions that create extreme polarity without realising that the key just lies in opening up our minds and unlocking a world of whole new possibilities! So if you are stuck in a rut, just reach out for the keys..


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