Write your story!

There are many questions that we have to deal with as we are leading our life. Who am I? What is my purpose? Why do I exist? What inspires me? What bugs me? What am i passionate about? What makes me curious? What makes me laugh? What matters to me? How do I have fun? The list is endless.

One may argue that we will never really know the answers. The fact is that they lie hidden in the crevices of our memories. The infinite moments that make our life need a record. Our current record is our brain. The truth about the brain is that none of us really understand whats happening in the black box, nor do we know when our memories will fade. In techie terms why keep your records in one hard disk when you can keep them in two. That way you will never lose your thinking process ever. That’s the ‘utopian rationalist’ in me speaking, but there are so many other reasons as well.

When you write you get a chance to live those moments again. We do not realise that each time we savour a pleasant memory then we are reliving the pleasure. As an example a super meal experience can be enjoyed again by just thinking about it. I am not a scientist but pleasure is a consequence of a chemical reaction (hormones) that our brain makes us experience as a result of a stimuli that we receive. A great meal, a holiday, a painting, a song, a conversation are just stimuli that result in the release of a feeling. When you write, your memory becomes the stimuli! This can be absolutely transformational.

When you write you start getting a sense of who you are. We know when we were born. But, we do not know why we were born. We just know that we all come with an expiry date. For all of us that’s our only constant. Writing becomes a map of what’s going on as we navigate the journey of our lives. You start giving your brain a context. Suddenly sign posts start emerging. Your abstract ideas and thoughts which may be at the back of your mind find a form.

The discipline of writing every day is a great mental activity. It opens up synapses in the mind which benefit you in the day to day. It’s your ‘me time’. When you write there are no distractions. You are with yourself. It’s a chance to enjoy your own company and discover yourself. We don’t realise this but as adults we are so caught up with our jobs, families, friends and other distractions that we never get a chance to spend time with ourselves. It’s not uncommon for someone to look at retirement with dread because one is petrified of the thought of living in your own company!imgres-1

It also a great way of connecting with people. If you take the time to write a blog or a book, it gives you the opportunity to interact with your family and friends with a purpose. This is an important point and ‘communication with a purpose’ is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. When you observe the success of WhatsApp the biggest difference that it made to our lives was that suddenly a group could interact with each other with a context.

In you there is a story. Your story has at least one reader waiting to hear from you. Write. For yourself. Live your moments again!

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