Hey Siri! Who is going to advise me next?

There is this incredible surge of ‘advise’ that I suddenly see all around me. Random things have started communicating and want the world to pay attention to their advise. Why?

As a child, my parents did their best to correct me continuously and guide me on a path they thought was best for me. In school, my teachers played their part in laying out the tools and thoughts that enabled the development of my intellect. Post marriage, every day has been a new day of corrections 🙂 As my girls started growing up, they started correcting me too. As I compare notes with my friends, this is pretty much the pattern that most of us blokes share! Sometimes I feel that I know how ‘not to do’ a whole lot of things in life! To be honest I have enjoyed this journey and I do believe that we all become better every day if we listen to and act upon well meaning advise from people who truly care.
But of late things have changed. Apple has started correcting me. My spellings are constantly getting a new meaning. I am constantly getting checked by Google – enquiring if I would like to do an alternate search. Various fitness apps remind me that my fitness regime needs further attention. My car advises me as well -“objects in the mirror are closer than you think”! How does my car know what I am thinking and how I may interpret it? Why assume something and advise somebody.
What’s with this advise business? Who is behind this? Why can’t people let others be? Is this a global advise conspiracy?
There are a lot of tech and analytics investments going behind making our world full of random acts of advise. In the earnestness to be helpful, things are going a bit too far. My advise to the nameless advise merchants is that let me be! I do not want your automated advise that’s built on a presumption that you understand what I am going to do and my motives behind it.
Maybe advise could shift narrative. From the mundane to things more profound. What can we do make the world happier, healthier and peaceful. I wonder what my mirror will advise me tomorrow?

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