You are responsible for the pothole next to you

The clay paths in times gone by were a favoured hunting ground for the potters. They would raid the paths in the middle of the night for clay and leave behind holes that got to be known over the years as ‘potholes’.

This phrase evolved to represent a global phenomenon. Across the world they appear like a rash  and represent a combination of human inefficiency, poor quality, corruption and institutional apathy. Every year potholes cause accidents, mechanical destruction as well as create roadblocks that result in higher fuel waste and resultant pollution.

Good governance is the logical remedy for potholes. However the activation of governance is often a bigger roadblock. Some artists have used their ire very creatively to awaken the conscience of such institutions. Here are some interesting examples from around the world.
Street art Images of Russian politicians

Street art Images of Russian politicians

I feel that voter apathy manifests itself physically in the form of pot holes. Next time when you exercise the right to vote make sure that you vote wisely. Else potholes will continue to alter your way. The road ahead is clear…As the old adage goes ‘You will always get to enjoy the hole that you dig’!


  1. Great Post . Do read and follow these blogs to go on a roller coaster ride of fun and more; and


  2. Manu

    Completely agree. The pot bellies take precedence and leave us with potholes.

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    1. Interesting reference Manu- ‘POTHOLES V/S POT BELLIES’!!


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