Will your legacy be a selfie?

The existence of a human being in the past was limited to his physical form or extended through his legacy of talents, memories or to an extent the relationships that were left behind.  Expressions in the form of paintings, books or crafts were limited to a few enlightened individuals and find a place in our history by a combination of luck and talent. Legacy left in the form of wealth, architecture or institutions was the privilege of the rich and the powerful. In any case there are very few examples as such that have survived the test of time. In essence the average person in the past had very little chance of recording and leaving his footprint for times to come.
However with our generation this has changed.

We have a proliferation of digital imagery, video and audio that will outlast us. Available through a smart phone that two billion of us shall possess in the next twelve months. All of this in addition to all the tools that our ancestors could access. I was struck by this thought recently when I was listening to music on the radio and most of the singers had moved on leaving their musical legacy for us to cherish. This is really a staggering testimony of our times and an important point of inflection in human history- footprints in the sands of time replaced with silicon chip enabled impressions for posterity.

We are all a mere speck floating in a continuum of time. For the first time every spec has a chance to record its presence! Go figure..in the meantime take a selfie!

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