It’s not fair

A popular South Indian star is taken to court since he featured in a TV ad for a fairness soap.
Apparently the claimant used the soap for a year and nothing changed for him. He claims that the fairness soap does not work and the star is misleading the public.
The star claims that he is just an actor and is not responsible for the delivery of the product. “It’s not fair to blame the actor”, his lawyer exclaims and his plea to the claimant is that he should take up the issue with the manufacturer.
A concerned citizen agrees that “it’s not fair” to blame the star since the star has nothing to do with it. Another citizen immediately retorts that “it’s not fair” for a brand to make a claim that it cannot deliver.
But in all fairness the star should have checked before endorsing the brand. He cannot wash his hands off it. It’s evident that the facts are not black & white yet and the poor judge has to figure out what’s fair here! The fact is that the great Indian obsession for fairness is a never ending pursuit.
This important soap opera gets national media attention. Is that fair?

2 thoughts on “It’s not fair

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  1. Doesn’t this apply to any/all brand endorsements? How are these actors supposed to verify the claims…The dhoni’s and the sachin’s would have never had boost in their life….our gold old Big B endorses the mass market hair oil which he wouldn’t even had touched during the shoot….

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  2. Well then no one should ideally be endorsing cigarettes or for that working for a company that makes them. No matter which way you look at it- that’s bad business. So I think in all “fairness” (and maybe loveliness) the actor should be let off.

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