Someone, someday..sooner or later!

In a moment life changes. For the better or for the worse. Until the moment strikes us, we live in a comfortable cocoon of a false sense of infallibility. This poem marks this landmark moment for me:
Someone, someday…sooner or later!
Someone lives a dream,
Someone is a living nightmare.
Someone goes far in life,
Someone’s life never travels beyond the yarn that’s spun,
Someone is calm,
Someone is troubled.
Someone falls in love,
Someone breaks a heart.
Someone wins a race,
Someone gets left behind.
Someone gets all the attention,
Someone sits in the audience.
Someone gets a hug,
Someone experiences pain.
Someone sings,
Someone cries.
Someone sows,
Someone reaps.
Someone lives,
Someone dies.
All of us will be that someone, someday.
I better understand this reality and start enjoying and living every moment to the fullest.
So that when my time comes I am that someone who really lived!

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