The crab mentality- its a state of mind!

The crab mentality has gripped the world by the pincers. The papers are filled with politicians, sportsmen, authors, business executives, actors and even singers trying to bring each other down.
I visited Mahesh Lunch Home in Mumbai sometime back and witnessed the origins of this strangely named syndrome. In the waiting area they had a shallow vessel full of crabs. Each of them had the size advantage and could have easily escaped by just climbing out. However each time one made an attempt to get out the others promptly reached out with their pincers to pull back. It was fascinating to see this while I waited.
Is there a recipe to avoid this?
‘Live and let live’ is a mantra that one is advised to follow. Savour your success and encourage others to reach their potential. For the records  I suffer from the crab mentality as well. I like mine cooked in butter, pepper and garlic😄

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