I think I know the future too..

I was reading the other day about the remarkable prophesies of Nostradamus. It’s absolutely astonishing how he could predict with such accuracy world events ranging from the world wars to our current nuclear reality. There is a lot of buzz about his prediction of the Third World War and one can only hope that he has got this one wrong. I am reminded our visit to the Tanjavur temple where a sage predicted at the time the temple was being built in 1000AD that the land would be ruled by aliens. His vision of the alien was made into a sculpture that bears a remarkable resemblance to a British soldier! There is certainly something there which is beyond the realm of our understanding.

I am also reminded of a Sadhu who read the papers one fine Sunday morning in Lucknow and found my fathers ad for the sale of his car. My father had an exaggerated value expectation while the holy man had predicted that this car would change his life and bring him good luck. It almost did when he took it for a test drive. In the middle of the busiest crossing in Lucknow the car suddenly developed a steering wheel snag. At a high speed the helpless clairvoyant found himself trying to control a car that had no plans to respond to his destiny! “It almost cost the swamiji his life”, mentioned a shaken disciple who had faithfully accompanied his guru through this potentially life changing experience. The fact was that the prophecy of the Sadhu was no match for the unpredictability of Indian engineering!

What will happen in the future only time will tell. That’s a prediction I can confidently make😄

What will our future be?
What will our future be?

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