In my next life, I want to be a stud! 

I visited a stud farm recently and was just awestruck by its opulence and grandeur. Beautiful rolling greens and air conditioned stables set in the midst of some of the most expensive real estate in the world! It struck me that if a race horse were to pen his thoughts and describe his life and aspirations, then what would they be? What would he think of us? Here is a different take on the privileged life of a rake:

“Dubai pampers humans & horses too. With regular massages and a swimming pool
The life of a race horse is actually quite cool
There are attendants for every need to pamper
When you are hungry there is delicious organic feed brought in a hamper
You are paid to mate
Precious Money is spent to even insure your stunning gait
After all of this, humans put us in an air conditioned home that they call a ‘stable’!
I often ask myself, are they nuts?
Dunno, but I will keep running this party till there is fire in my guts!”
That may be what a horse has to say. All I can suggest is that do not let this view not take you for a ride! Until the next race…
Photo credits: Not me..

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