Don’t break your head over a concusssion!

I have read a lot about concussions over the past couple of days. Medical literature has made me quite worried about my condition. So I looked up a few frequently asked questions and answered them my way. Here goes:

What’s a concussion?
It’s a stroke of bad luck! Or then again, maybe not…

How do you get over it?
Dark chocolates, reading some deliciously written books and enjoying the excellent company of family and friends. Gourmet food also helps! Frequent glances of admiration to the malt collection works as an effective ‘get well soon’ incentive🍻

Does it have any side effects?
Besides a couple of stitches and a constant headache, nothing much! A dull headache is also an opportunity to be with yourself. You can either think that there is precious little you can do or there a a lot of little precious things you can think of doing.

How long does this last?
It’s a state of mind. If it makes you feel good may it last forever…

Is there a message in this?
Everything falls! From the stock market to those who fall in love. Make it count! Your head must ache for the right reasons👍 Why worry?


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