A champagne moment

“This calls for a champagne”, an exclamation that is frequently expressed to celebrate the highs of life. A lot of my memorable moments in life have been savoured over a glass or two (sometimes more!) of champagne. In our recent Tanzania trip we concluded a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti and enjoyed the migration with a glass of champagne in our hand. My daughters 16th birthday was a recent champagne moment as well. This morning I read about how an hyper exuberant champagne cork forced an Easyjet plane in Europe to make an emergency landing. The cork tore through the roof of the plane and the cabin pressure got impacted that brought the oxygen masks out and the pilot had to force the plane to land immediately. Whew!


It’s not uncommon for people to shy away from opening a bottle of champagne. Typically in a party a magical helping hand often appears that would come forward and help the grateful host in the popping process. People ducking the cork and excited gesticulations are almost a part of the ceremony that goes with opening the bubbly.

After this freak episode I learnt about a syndrome called placomusophobie which describes people who are scared of opening champagne bottles. I have always wondered why do people have random phobias! Sometimes it’s hard to accept but perhaps there is a reason for everything. Cheers🍸

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