Who should we blame?

A question that burns the world as we see the picture of a three year old whose body was found lying on a beach in Syria. “His body slipped through my fingers” said the deeply anguished father as he tried to save his son from drowning from a capsized dingy that was meant to be their passage to a better tomorrow. There are many actors in this unfortunate situation. To start with, it is the Syrian crisis that has created over 2M refugees since it started. To the West, which is struggling with its own economic woes and hence unable to extend refuge at the cost of welfare of its own citizens. To the traffickers, who promised a safe passage to Europe but were tragically incompetent. To the world bodies like the UN, that were conceived with the objective to find solutions to such complex and critical international situations.

All of them helpless in their own circumstances! No answers are easy here. One can only pray that none of us ever have to deal with such situations in our lifetime.

The smiling picture of the baby-faced Syrian ruler in today’s daily is accompanied with his statement expressing his intent to resolve the crisis. We reap what we sow!

Mankind has created its own suffering that only mankind can solve. We can only hope. RIP little angel. Hope your passing away prickles the worlds conscience.

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