We are similar, yet so different!

How distant can relatives be is a thought that came to my mind this morning as I read the papers. There was a news feature today about two Saudi brothers who died three days apart, one an Isis terrorist, a suicide bomber and the other a fighter pilot representing his country. One died saving lives while the other died snuffing out the innocents to pursue his own misguided agenda. How far apart can two individuals be when they share so much including the genetic material and the inputs of the growing up years? At what point in time do they start developing such polarised personalities as well as a view of the world? The annals of history as well as courts all over the world stand witness to the deep fissures of differences that make people raised on common grounds stand apart.
The truth is that while similarities sometimes causes great polarisation, at the same time opposites also attract! In this world of extremes, somewhere there is a middle ground. All we can do is reflect on our actions and temper them with our own sieve of understanding. The fact that no two sieves are the same makes things even more complex. The jury is out there….it’s all relative!

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