A mug of coffee..

An excellent cup of coffee this morning brought my attention to the mug in which it was served. There was nothing special about the mug actually. It’s just like another everyday object that serves a purpose quietly in our lives without making a fuss. As I started reading about it I found that mugs were among the first utensils made by man as the potters wheel was beginning to take shape. The earliest mug known was discovered in an excavation in Greece dating back to 4000 BC!! What a brilliant invention it must have been at that time. Who thought of this? Did this individual even comprehend that the idea would stand the test of time and one day become a part of everyday human existence?
Did he have any idea about the joy that this simple idea would bring into so many lives for times to come? If you jog your memory you will be filled with ‘mug shots’ from your life of having a mug of beer with someone special, or a mug full of hot coffee on a cold winter morning or a mug full of soup in the hills watching the sun set…
It’s such a simple object and also so versatile. If you glance though any retail area you would find a bewildering variety of mugs in different shapes and sizes. In essence it is a great example of a timeless classic! I wonder which of of our modern day inventions will outlast a mug in their utility and purpose!
Our world is full of unsung heroes who did their stuff, lived uncelebrated and left a strong legacy baked in anonymity. Next time you lift a mug raise a toast to its history and take a sip from a timeless human invention. A nod of respect it certainly deserves!

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