Will your legacy be a selfie?

The existence of a human being in the past was limited to his physical form or extended through his legacy of talents, memories or to an extent the relationships that were left behind. ¬†Expressions in the form of paintings, books or crafts were limited to a few enlightened individuals and find a place in our... Continue Reading →

It’s not fair

A popular South Indian star is taken to court since he featured in a TV ad for a fairness soap. Apparently the claimant used the soap for a year and nothing changed for him. He claims that the fairness soap does not work and the star is misleading the public. The star claims that he... Continue Reading →

The joys of gelato

I had the pleasure of having the most outstanding gelato recently in Milan. The smooth and creamy rich dark chocolate was sublime. The cone in which it was served was a perfect accompaniment and I was in heaven! I even had an ice cream burger- two scoops of delicious ice cream in a freshly baked... Continue Reading →

Stop living a stereotype!

We all live our lives navigating through a series of stereotypes of our own creation. I must admit that I had a recent experience that made me aware of my severe limitations. I have always been vary of a certain profile of individuals. The ones who look slick, dress sharp, drive fast cars and generally... Continue Reading →

Notes from the past – sound travels!

In my travels, I have come across acoustic creations which have left me baffled. The ancient world was full of unsung sound engineers who produced absolute marvels without the access to technology that our designers enjoy today. How could they reach such levels of sophistication? How did they process the complex maths as well as... Continue Reading →

Someone, someday..sooner or later!

In a moment life changes. For the better or for the worse. Until the moment strikes us, we live in a comfortable cocoon of a false sense of infallibility. This poem marks this landmark moment for me: Someone, someday...sooner or later! -------------------------------------------- Someone lives a dream, Someone is a living nightmare. Someone goes far in... Continue Reading →

The crab mentality- its a state of mind!

The crab mentality has gripped the world by the pincers. The papers are filled with politicians, sportsmen, authors, business executives, actors and even singers trying to bring each other down. I visited Mahesh Lunch Home in Mumbai sometime back and witnessed the origins of this strangely named syndrome. In the waiting area they had a... Continue Reading →

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