You got to be kitten me!

  I don’t particularly like cats. I somehow just don’t connect with them. I get rather perplexed when I see fellow humans swoon over them. That ‘oh! so adorable..’ terms of endearment don’t exactly leave me purring! Cute cat pictures that splash all over social media are definitely not meant for people like me!! But... Continue Reading →

The Nose

Who knows what the nose is really up to? I understand that it is an inlet that allows life to flow through. I recognize that it’s a part of our body that many like to adorn with embellishments. In fact some go under the knife to tune it to their interpretation of beauty. However, the... Continue Reading →

Its a Fake!

'Fake' news- a term recently made popular by a political figure, who represents our perplexing times! While I remain in denial of Trump as well as his impact on the world, there is no denying the fact that the global industry of fakes continues to bloom. China is at the forefront of this world of... Continue Reading →

Where are you, Mr. Pandey?

Weddings in North India are moments of great celebration. Families and friends from far and wide join the bride and groom over many days of fun filled merriment. Food is an integral part of this experience. For the Mathurs (a North Indian Hindu community), food defines the purpose of a wedding! We live to eat,... Continue Reading →

Ready to re-tyre?

  When things fall apart some other things fall in together! I realised this the other day when I had to get my wife's car tyres replaced. I was upset since the tyres had been replaced not too long back and due to some imbalance in the car's weight, had to be written off. The... Continue Reading →

Its blooming!

Our garden is blooming again! After an unusually hot summer our garden has sprung back to life. As the season improves we hope to welcome the migratory birds and wake up every morning to enjoy the weather. It's such a pleasure to savour the simple joys in life!


'Machines are going to take over the world', screamed a recent newspaper headline. The point of reference was robots powered by artificial intelligence. The article hysterically claimed that machines will take over our jobs as a start and then eventually gain control over every aspect of our existence. Many Hollywood movies and books have created elaborate... Continue Reading →

The Driver

Mr Tripathi was one of the most dignified drivers that we have had the pleasure of employing. He was an integral part of the household, playing a significant role in making our lives comfortable. From the daily running around to just having a nice presence, he was a positive influence in my life while growing... Continue Reading →

A One Hour Vacation

It was one of those days. My car was at the workshop getting repaired after an unnecessary crash. It was meant to be delivered in the morning but much to my irritation got delivered in the evening. An obliging colleague had to drop me off at the service station since Uber would have just not... Continue Reading →

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